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Example of Oil, Gas & Water Applications

Foam inhibitors Reduce foam to ensure maximum flow rate
Asphalt inhibitors, antifouling agents Prevent asphalt formation
Biocides Minimize the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
Calcium nitrates Prevent the formation of dissolved sulfides and H2S
Corrosion inhibitors Reduce corrosion in pipelines Demulsifiers, emulsion breakers
split stable oil-water emulsions Oil separators/flocculants Separate oil and production water
Friction reducers, flow rate improvers Reduce friction losses in pipelines
H2S binders Prevent corrosion by hydrogen sulfide
Hypochlorites Prevent the growth of organisms
Hydrate inhibitors with low density/LDHI Hydrate inhibitors with low metering rate
Oxygen Binders Remove residual oxygen
Paraffin inhibitors Prevent paraffin formation
PH control agents Reduce glycol decomposition
Polyelectrolytes Filter aids
Crust inhibitors, crust reducers Prevent process equipment crusting
Clarifiers for water Remove oil particles in production water
Wax inhibitors Prevent wax formation