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01 April 2017

  • Morgan Products (UK) LTD, Supplier of pneumatic metering injection pumps and related spares manufactured by Morgan Products.
  • With over 30 years designing and manufacturing experience, Morgan Products metering pumps deliver economic performance and are widely used for positive displacement throughout the oil & gas, fluid processing, manufacturing and water treatment industries.
  • Optimized inline chemical and additives dosing including inhibitors, defoamer or anti-foamers, detergents, methanol, acids, emulsifiers or de-emulsifiers etc. into your system for specific applications.
  • Applications include aiding pipeline performance, flow measurement, improving well production, neutralizing corrosive substances, marine growth, wastewater, produced/injection water treatment.
  • Designed and manufactured to last in corrosion resistant stainless steel, continually acclaimed field reliable metering pump for accurate performance, minimal assembly, fewer parts, easy assembly, improved durability with lower maintenance costs and longer operational life.
  • Competitively priced for outstanding savings on your initial investment. Additional savings result from long service life and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • EC- Declaration of Conformity, 98/37/EC Machine Directive, 94/9/EC ATEX Directive
  • Two (2) years manufactures warranty, full terms and conditions available.
  • Morgan's pneumatic metering injection pumps can be supplied as single/multiple metering pump units, also available as skid, frame, cabinet mounted systems.

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